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Design Philosophy


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the level of services needed to bring projects to a completion within budget. Our obligation to our clients is to represent their best interest during each stage of a project whether it is in the due diligence and design stages or the construction stage of a project. It is our job to keep our client informed of all considerations affecting the project. Select outside consultants are used as necessary to ensure that our client receives professional design services custom tailored to the demands of the project. Piedmont Design Associates seeks to develop solutions to project issues that reflect a team relationship among our staff, our client and any outside consultants that may be involved.


A Team Approach


Conceptual/Schematic Phase:

Successful projects are based on concepts applied to real site characteristics. Having good site information at the inception of a project identifies a variety of issues that come to bear on the schematic design of a project. Our in-house surveying department provides boundary and topographic information, as well as existing utility and drainage information. Sensitive environmental information provided by outside environmental consultants is also accurately located. Engineers, surveyors and planners make up the team that exposes critical issues that affect site and subdivision plans, and brings reality to conceptual plans.


Coordination with local planning and engineering departments during the conceptual phase of a project insures that important local zoning and infrastructure issues are given consideration early. Building a cooperative relationship with local authorities during the concept, design and permitting phases expedites sketch plan approval by local authorities and includes them as a member of the team. During construction phases of the project, it also makes issue resolution more amiable.


A well-developed conceptual plan is the base from which a project can be evaluated accurately. Design development and construction surveying fees are established at this point. Construction cost estimates are also developed that allow our clients to make informed decisions regarding a project.


Design Phase:


Engineered plans are developed from the finalized conceptual plan. Communication among engineering, surveying and planning staff during construction design development brings a variety of points of view to the table. Resolution of design issues reflects the best thinking of the team that, if necessary, will include the input of engineering and review staff from the various permitting agencies in the project locality.


The result of the Design Phase is the permitted construction drawings from which bids are requested.


Bidding & Negotiating:


Piedmont Design Associates engineering, surveying and planning staff will clarify all planning and construction drawings produced. If requested Piedmont Design Associates will prepare a project take-off with itemized numbers and volumes for bidding and negotiating. Our staff will evaluate competing bids and aid our client in making an informed contract decision.


Piedmont Design Associates uses the AIA document 107 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor as the foundation for project delivery.  The articles of terms and conditions of agreement may be modified as required to focus on the client’s needs, or be revised to reflect the client’s in-house capabilities eliminating duplication of services.


Construction & Certification:


Our client can select a variety of levels of construction observation for a project. Our involvement can range from minimal site observation necessary for utility certification to providing full coordination. Full services include a review of contractors weekly construction progress reports, attendance at monthly or weekly construction progress meetings, approval of contractors monthly request for payments, review of contractor required construction documentation and review of change order requests.


Our surveying department can provide all construction staking. Teaming with the coordinating engineer and the contractor, our surveying services expedite construction and respond efficiently to any changes orders approved during construction.


Our engineering staff provides periodic and end of project walk-through to identify areas of concern, and punch-list items with owner and contractor. Coordination of meetings with local permitting agencies and departments for certification of infrastructure is provided as various aspects of construction are completed.


Our surveying staff follows construction collecting “record drawing” information as required by local authorities. In the case of subdivisions, final plats on a phase-by-phase basis are prepared or updated as needed. 

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